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About Vacation Vine

At Vacation Vine our editor is Jason Regan.

Jason is a qualified journalist with over 10 years experience in commercial media.

He is also a travel nut who has travelled the world with his family.

Jason wrote the following to you, our valued Vacation Vine readers.

Jason Regan Vacation Vine
Jason and Sonia Regan enjoying a Bus Tour of Singapore

Thanks for reading and I hope you are enjoying the content. 

I have spent much of my adult life traveling the world and enjoying a vast array of experiences and different cultures. 

My family share my love of travel and my wife Sonia and two boys James and Aysh have enjoyed seeing much of the world with me. 

The aim of Vacation Vine is to share those experiences with you. 

Travelling is a passion of ours and when we aren’t on holiday we are planning our next trip. 

On this website you will find many expereinces that we have enjoyed first hand and many that we are planning to soon. 

My journalist experience is crutical in researching potential vacation locations and that is the goal of this website. 

It is a portofilio of past travel experiences together with research and planning for our families future trips. 

Enjoy the content and feel free to provide feedback via the Vacation Vine Contact page. 

Bon Voyage and happy reading!

Jason Regan

Vacation Vine editor and content producer.